Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deep and crisp and even

It snowed last night.

I'd almost forgotten what snow looks like, but here it was again - a couple of inches coating everything in a satisfyingly crunchy blanket of the white stuff. With all the evidence of rising temperatures, I sometimes fear we'll never have snow again, so despite the cold and a bit of minor hassle it's something to be welcomed.

Here's Dan tucked up in his snow suit and pictured at the front of our house. I promise he was only there very briefly - or so Liz assures me - so there's no need to report us to the NSPCC.

This was of course Dan's first experience of snow - and hopefully not his last. Whether he'll be able to enjoy the same amount of sledging, snowball fights and snowmen building as I did as a child is highly unlikely. But for now a night of snow feels like a positive reminder that the world's weather hasn't gone completely bonkers - at least not yet.

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Lena said...

Ahhh. Bless his little snow suit! Looks cosy and cute!

Snow is wonderful Paul. In Scotland I tend to see more of it than my twin sister in London does. Her little girl was five before she experienced snow for herself. I can forsee many happy snowmen to come for you and Dan!